CARISSIMA ( Scottish Amateur Premier)

Book and lyrics by Eric Maschwitz from a story by Armin Robinson  
Music by Hans May.  

The Story

A career woman fall under the spell of Venice in the spring and with the golden voice of a gondolier who is, in fact, the opera singer whom she has been trying to recruit for commercial radio on behalf of the domestic company for whom she works. The dénouement takes place in New York.  
Cosmetic manufacturer Lisa Marvin is in pursuit of the tenor Paolo Marinelli as a jingle singer to advertise her new perfume. In Venice she finds a brilliant gondolier vocalist who sings of love to her before a jealous rival Giulietta Binci reveals that it is Marinelli in disguise. Separation follows, they return to America - he to Broadway success and she to sell her business in disenchantment. They fly back to Venice for a happy finale. 

Director -Ilona Ross
Musical Director - Robert W Cresswell
Ballet Mistress -Doris Bruce 



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