Southern Light Opera







Titanic programme



Production Team

Director Andy Johnston
Musical Director David McFarlane
Choreographer Louise Williamson













Thomas Andrews - Keith Kilgore

Frederick Barrett - Craig Young

Harold Bride - John Bruce

Frederick Fleet - Darren Johnston

Wallace Hartley - Chris MacFarlane

Bellboy - Cameron Kilgore

J.Brue Ismay - Charles Leeson Payne

Captain E.J Smith - David McBain

Kate McGowan - Nicole Graham

Kate Mullins - Holly Carter

Kate Murphy - Tanya Williamson

Edgar Beane - Stephen Boyd

Alice Beane - Judith Walker

First Officer William Murdoch - Scott Walker

Second Officer Charles Lightroller - Andrew Williamson

Caroline Neville - Anna Chidgey

Chareles Clarke - Matt MacDonagh

Henry Etches - Gary Gray

Jim Farrell - Padraic Hamrogue

Ida Straus - Dorothy Johnstone

Isidor Straus - David Mitchison

John Jacob Astor - John Whelan

Madeleine Astor - Nicola Dryburgh

Mme Aubert - Magda Chojnacka

Marion Thayer - Mhairi Summers

Eleanor Widener - Averyl Nash

Charlotte Cordoza - Lorna Frier

Edith Corse Evans - Margo Dunn

Andrew Latimer - Fred Pender









21st - 25th February 2017


Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston
Book Peter Stone


"In every age mankind attempt to fabricate great works at once mangnificent and impossible....."


In April 1912 over two thousand people set sail from Southampton aboard the largest moving object in the world, the RMS TITANIC, headed for New York City. Just days into the maiden voyage Titanic collied with an iceberg and the "unsinkable" ship slowly sank with the loss of 1517 men, women and children. The sinking was to become one of the most famous and tragic disasters of the 20th century.


Maury Yeston and Peter Stone's masterpiece musical TITANIC focuseson dreams and aspirations of actual people aboard the "ship of dreams"


TITANIC won five Tony Awards on Broadway in 1997 and enjoyed a hugely successful revival in London in 2016