A Greek Slave


A Greek Slave  

Libretto by Owen Hall 
Lyrics by Harry Greenbank and Adrian Ross 
Music by Sidney Jones 
Additional numbers by Lionel Monckton

The Story

A Greek Slave follows the story of a Persian soothsayer named Heliodorus who looks into the future of the love lives of the rich people of Rome.  His daughter Maia pretends to have her father’s gift to make money.  She decides, along with Prefect Pomponius, to play a trick on the Princess Antonia who has come to her in disguise.  Her servant Archias had recently finished a statue of Eros, the God of love using a fellow servant Diomend as the model so Maia tells the princess that Eros has fallen in love with her and shows her the statue.  Heliodorus brings the statue to life and substitutes it for Diomed.  Maia is in love with Diomed so intends that Antonia should walk away with the statue.  Heliodorus plans a double cross as he disapproves of Maia’s love so he arranges that the real Diomed goes away with the princess.  The slave is miserable in his new life and misses Maia.  Eventually Maia and Diomed are reunited and Antonia falls in love with Prefect Pomponius.






Director -John S Brewster
Musical Director -R de la Haye


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