Tom Jones


A Princess of Kensington 
Written by Basil Hood.
Composed by Edward German

The Story

A Princess of Kensington follows the story of the fairy prince, Azuriel, who has been jealous, for over a thousand years, of the romance between fairy Kenna and the human prince Albion.  Even though Albion is dead, the mischievous Puck teased Azuriel through the years claiming he taught Kenna a spell that would, after a thousand years, bring Albion back from the dead.  Azuriel is furious and orders that Albion be married to another mortal.  Puck and Kenna decided to produce a fake Albion and a fake bride to calm Azuriel.  They choose a sailor, William Jelf, from the H.M.S. Albion.  For a bride he spots an opportunity in a young girl named Joy Jellicoe however she is already in love with another man. Puck disguises himself as her father and tells her beloved Lieutenant Brook Green that he doesn’t think he is acceptable for his daughter and encourages Jelf to woo Joy.   In a further twist Jelf is already engaged to Nell Reddish and her father is anxious to marry her off though both Jelf and Nell are unhappy at the thought of marrying each other.  After other difficulties the fairies are able to return to fairyland when Azuriel finally accepts that Albion is really dead.  Joy is free to marry her Lieutenant and Nell decides to marry Jelf’s uncle.  Jelf is free to go back to sea




The Music Includes:

From where the Scotch mountains
If we pass beyond the portals
We're butchers and bakers and candlestick makers
High and dry
Seven o'clock in the evening

Director -John S Brewster and Louis Rausch
Musical Director -George W Lingard


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