The Arcadians




Book by Mark Ambient, A.M. Thompson and Robert Courtneidge
Lyrics by Arthur Wimpens
Music by Lionel Monckton and Howard Talbot

The Arcadians

The story

Who could tell, in the first decade of the twentieth century, what strange adventures might befall those who ventured to travel by the new-fangled aeroplane? A forced landing, perhaps, in some long-forgotten land where time has stood mercifully still. James Smith, of the well-known London catering concern, drops in on Arcadia, where no-one tells lies, or grows older, where money is unheard of and unemployment a permanent attraction. Far from impressed by what Smith tells them of the joys of life in London his hosts dispatch him, with missionary zeal and two agelessly beautiful Arcadian nymphs to convert the wretched metropolis. Things do not always go as planned

Songs Include:

Back Your Fancy
Have A Little Bit On Me
The Pipes Of Pan Are Calling


Director - A K Craighead
Musical Director - Frank Moyes
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