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Cast member of the 1906 production 








Cast member of the 1906 production 




Director - John S Brewster 

Musical Director George W Lingard



Director - A Knight Craighead 

Musical Director George W Lingard



Director - John S Brewster  and A K Craighead

Musical Director - George W Lingard



Director - John S Brewster

Musical Director - Reg de la Haye



 Music by Arthur Sullivan (orchestrated by Peter Murray)  
Lyrics and Libretto by W.S. Gilbert  

The Story

The Mikado has decreed that the act of flirting when 'not connubially linked' is punishable by death. Horrified by this prospect, the townsfolk of Titipu appoint Ko-Ko as the Lord High Executioner - he has been imprisoned for flirting and would be obliged to execute himself before beheading anyone else. Arriving in Titipu, Nanki-Poo is distressed to hear of this new appointment. He has been forced to leave his father's Court to avoid execution due to the unwarranted attentions of Katisha and has come to Titipu to claim Yum-Yum, Ko-Ko's bride to-be, believing that she would now be freed of her engagement to Ko-Ko in the light of his imprisonment. Yum-Yum has no desire to marry Ko-Ko but knows that he will not release her to anybody else, especially not to an itinerant musician. Heartbroken, Nanki-Poo prepares to commit suicide but is prevented from doing so by Ko-Ko, who has received orders from the Mikado to execute someone within the month, and suggests that Nanki-Poo be the required victim. Nanki-Poo agrees on the condition that in the meantime he can marry Yum-Yum, a plan which receives a temporary set-back at the discovery that the wife of a beheaded man must be buried alive. However, when they hear that the Mikado, accompanied by Katisha, is approaching the town, Ko-Ko, anxious to avoid the Mikado's wrath, decides to pretend that Nanki-Poo's execution has already taken place. Unfortunately, the Mikado is furious to learn that it is his son who has supposedly been beheaded and Ko-Ko has no choice but to persuade Nanki-Poo to "come back to life", a plan Nanki-Poo will only agree to if Ko-Ko proposes to the unwed Katisha. Reluctantly he agrees and Katisha, believing Nanki-Poo to be dead, accepts the proposal. With Katisha out of the way, Nanki-Poo appears before the Mikado. He is delighted to see his son alive, and all is forgiven.  


What the Papers Said




"The Company began their week at the Lyceum Theatre last night with the ever-popular "Mikado" which will alternate with "Merrie England".  Last night's performance was carried through in a delightful manner.  There was very little amateurness displayed, and almost every member of the company showed a good appreciation of their parts" 


The Music Includes:

A Wand'ring' Minstrel I
Behold The Lord High Executioner
As Some Day It May Happen
Three Little Maids From School
The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring
On A Tree By A River, A Little Tom-Tit


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