Music by Oscar Straus, adaptation by Michael Flanders, Edmund Tracey, Bernard Dunn and Ronald Hanmer    


The Story 


More golden melodies from the pen of Oscar Straus, composer of the world-famous Chocolate Soldier. In the imaginary state of Rurislavenstein the heiress to the throne has disrupted court life by marrying a common Austrian guardsman, Niki. After many heart-searchings and near disaster, when she mistakes Niki's harmless meeting with Franzi (the leader of an Austrian girls' orchestra) for infidelity, the Princess learns to love her hastily-chosen husband and the inevitable happy ending ensues.   

Director -Anne Ballantyne
Musical Director - Neville Garden
Ballet Mistress -June Geissler  


Songs Include:

Come Join In the Waltz  

The Family's Ancient Tree 

Hail, We Hope It's Male 

A Husband's Love 


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