Bittersweet was also performed in:

1963 and1977




Bitter Sweet
An Operetta by Noel Coward

The Story
Everything that wealthy London society had to offer a properly brought-up girl lay at the feet of little Sarah Millick in 1875; but she fell so desperately in love with her handsome young singing master that she threw it all away in order to be with him. In Vienna, five poverty-stricken years later, her adored Carl is killed in a duel. But his music lives on as the self-reliant Sarah earns fame throughout Europe with her singing. Finally returning to England, she marries the elderly Marquis of Shayne who has waited so patiently for her. Years later, at a madly bright party in the late 1920s, she tells her story, winning the grudging admiration of the smart young set. The Marchioness, they decide, must have been a gay old bird. 
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Songs Include:

Dear Little Café


Kiss Me Before You Go Away.  

We All Wear a Green Carnation 

Director - Alan Borthwick
Musical Director - Richard Johnston
Choreographer- Louise Williamson


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