Music by Franz Lehár
Adaptation by Eric Maschwitz and Bernard Grun
Professional Version: book by Nigel Douglas, lyrics by Eric Maschwitz and Nigel Douglas

The Count of Luxembourg

The story

For half a million francs, a penniless Count agrees to marry - and in three month's time divorce - a girl unknown to him, so that, as a Countess, she can become the bride of a Grand Duke. At the wedding ceremony, the pair are separated by a screen - but later they meet and fall in love. Little knowing they are already husband and wife, they believe their romance is hopeless - but a happy ending is beautifully worked out, and the unfolding of the story is greatly enriched by Lehár 's lilting music, which includes two immortal waltzes.

Songs Include:

I Know This Must Be Love

Razzle Dazzle Basil

The Glove Song

The Champagne Call

Director -Alan Borthwick Musical Director - Alison Rushworth Choreographer -June Geissler
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