High Jinks


1930 ( Scottish Amateur Premier)

High Jinks 
Music by Rudolf Friml
Lyrics by Leo Ditrichstein and Otto Hauerbach
Book by Leo Ditrichstein and Otto Hauerbach

The Story 

Dick Wayne, a young physician, has discovered a wonderful perfume which he calls "High Jinks" because of the exhilarating effect it has on all who use it.  He goes to see Dr. Wilkie Thorne, a nerve specialist resident in Paris, and suggests that they should arrange to put the perfume on the market.  Thorne refuses, but when he drinks a glass of water into whcih Dick has surreptitiously placed a few drops of "High Jinks," the effects of the perfume are soon apparent, and Thorne, in the state of exhilaration induced by "High Jinks" kisses the  wife of an excitable Spaniard Senor Rabelais.  This gentleman sees the incident and issues a challenge which gives Thorne the alternative of being killed in a duel, or allowing senor Rabelais to kiss Mrs Thorne.  To Get out of this difficulty, Dick arranges that Dr. Thorne shall go to Beauville, a fashionable French holiday resort, and pass off a dancer called Chi-Chi as his wife, while at the same time sending his real wife elsewhere.

Unfortunately at Beauville matters become complicated through Thorne's decision to substitute Dicks' fiancée Sylvia Dale for Chi-Chi as the supposed Mrs Thorne.  Sylvia and Dick are unaware of this, and further complications arise through the arrival of an American Lumber King, J.J. Jeffreys, who, as a result of the deception, mistakenly claims Sylvia as the daughter of his long absent wife.

The Web of deceit is now thoroughly tangled and matters are made worse by the arrival of Senor Rabelais, and of the real Mrs Thorne.  After many amusing misunderstandings and complications, the tangle is finally straightened out and "High Jinks" restores happiness and harmony all round. 

Director -A K Craighead
Musical Director -R. De La Haye


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