Les merveilleuses




Book by Victorien Sardou: Adapted for the English stage as The Lady Dandies by Basil Hood : Lyrics by Adrian Ross: Music by Hugo Felix

The Story

The story begins in the Palais Royal, outside a café, when Dorlis, a refugee aristocrat, learns that during his enforced absence with the army in Italy his young wife has been induced to take advantage of the easy divorce laws of the period to unite herself to St. Amour, the secretary to Director Barras. But Illyrine loves her first husband and when they meet and explanations ensure it is not difficult to foresee that the two will come together again before the end of the play.

The first scene of the second act is set in the Stock Market and it is here we see that Illyrine's devotion to her old love by the fact that she shields him from the police by concealing him in her private apartment.

St Amour, and all those invited to the wedding, are waiting outside the door to trap Dorlis while Illyrine is singing within.

The setting moves to the Palace of Luxembourg and the Tricolour FĂȘte. It is here that we witness the young and blushing bride having the unique experience of being married and divorced on the same day, and remarried to her first husband.



Music include:

The Gay Director
Les Merveilleuses

Director -A K Craighead
Musical Director -R. De La Haye


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