Merry Widow 59

The Merry Widow was also performed in:
1970 , 1986, 2000




The Merry Widow

The story
The action of the MERRY WIDOW takes place in Paris. In Act I we find ourselves in the ballroom of the Pontivedrian Embassy. The Ambassador, Baron Zeta find a way to stop heiress ANNA from marrying a foreigner to try and save his country, so he tries to set her up with  COUNT DANIL0. Baron Zeta’s wife VALENCIENNE is flirting with a French officer CAMILLE. Valencienne has forbidden Camille to declare his love, so he has written the words, "I LOVE YOU" on her fan and now the fan cannot be found anywhere. Anna and Danilo discover that they are old acquaintances but he declares that he will never marry her now because of her fortune. Act II is set in a garden party at Anna’s house where  Baron Zeta confides to Danilo the story of the fan. Valencienne and retire to the summer house however Baron Zeta has called a meeting of his staff at the very summerhouse. Valencienne escapes by another way and Anna takes her place. Camille comes out of the summerhouse and announces, his engagement to Anna! In Act III we find ourselves again in the garden of Anna's house.  Danilo is delighted to learn from Anna the truth of the summer house episode but he still cannot declare himself. Only when she tells him she lose her millions upon remarriage, should he propose. She accepts, gladly and then tells him that the millions go to whoever becomes her new husband.



Songs Include:

You'll Find Me at Maxim's

It Goes To Show

Women! Women! Women!

The Merry Widow Waltz

Director - Fraser Neal
Musical Director -Robert W Cresswel
Ballet Mistress - Doris Bruce


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