No No Nanette




Book by Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel  
Music by Vincent Youmans  
Lyrics by Irving Caesar and Otto Harbach  
Adapted and directed by Burt Shevelove  


The Story

It concerns a bible salesman called Jimmy Smith and the troubles that he gets into, and out of, on a summer weekend in New York and Atlantic City.  
The story is a light-hearted framework for the music of Vincent Youmans and included in the score are two of the most famous show-tunes ever written, "Tea For Two" and "I Want To Be Happy".  

The Music Includes:

The Call Of the Sea  
Fight Over Me  
Flappers Are We  
Hello, Hello, Telephone Girlie  
I Want To Be Happy  
I'm Waiting For You  
I've Confessed to the Breeze I Love You  
No No Nanette  

Director -A K Craighead
Musical Director -Robert C Howells


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