Orpheus in the Underworld

Orpheus in the Underworld
was also performed in:

Director -Pamela Kay
Musical Director - Richard Telfer
Choreographer -Doris Bruce



Music by Jacques Offenbach
Adaptation by Phil Park and Ronald Hanmer
Professional Version: English by Geoffrey Dunn

Orpheus In the Underworld

The story

The first of Offenbach's outrageously funny 'send-ups' of Greek mythology, this is an unashamedly Gallic version of the classic legend of Orpheus's pursuit of his wife Eurydice, who is carried off to Hades by Pluto - much to the annoyance of Jupiter. A highly disrespectful romp, it involves nymphs, shepherds, gods and goddesses, with the fun reaching its climax in the riotous revels of the celebrated "Can-Can". A lively and highly enjoyable show for both performers and audience, with many world-famous tunes.


Songs Include:

A Nymph in Love

The Violin Duet

A Shepherd am I

Mortals Below, Gods Up Above

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