Princess Caprice



Princess Caprice

Book by E. Welisch and R. Bernauer, 
English version by A. M. Thompson. 
Lyrics by A. S. Craven, H. Beswick and P. Greenbank
Music by Leo Fall

Character  Cast Member
Jasomir  Grant Fraser 
Nicola ( Prince of Nicolico) Ogilvie Callander
Augustin Hofer (A music master)   William Tawse
Gjuro( Prime Minister of Thessalia) Rex De La Haye
Colonel Burko J. Fulton Kirkhope 
Captain Mirko Henry S. Ewart
Ensign Pips (Officer) James N. Machugh
Mathaeus and Sigilloff  James Craw
Bogumil (The regent of Thessalia) George D. Jamieson
Princess Clementine   Esme A. W. Anderson 
Anna (Daughter of Jasomir) Amy Murray
Princess Helen Ruth Fairweather 

Director -A K Craighead
Musical Director -R. De La Haye


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