Princess Ida



Princess Ida 

Words by W.S. Gilbert 
Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan

The Story

Princess Ida follows the story of King Hildebrand and his son Prince Hilarion.  Prince Hilarion is engaged to Princess Ida and they are awaiting her arrival with her father, King Game.  Hildebrand swears to start a war if they don’t appear.  Meanwhile Ida has set up a women’s university and her brothers tell Hilarion to go and claim here while Gama and his sons are held hostage.  At the university the women are taught that “man in nature’s sole mistake”.  Hilarion and his friend Cyril and Florian go to the university and decided to disguise themselves as girls wanting to join the university.  Melissa, one of the professor’s daughters overhears their conversation and falls in love with Florian.  She is delighted to find out that men are not the monsters she was taught.  Her mother, Lady Blanche, also finds out but Melissa persuades her to stay quiet as is Hilarion is able to make Ida fall in love with him then Blanche will become head of the university.  Cyril gets drunks and gives away their identity and in the mayhem that ensues Ida falls into a stream and Hilarion rescues her.  Despite this Ida condemns the boys to their death.  King Hildebrand arrives and reminds her that she is bound to marry Hilarion.  Ida replies that she would rather die than marry him.  Ida considers having her pupils fight the soldiers but is disgusted when they reveal they are scared.  A message from her father suggests that Ida allow her 3 brothers to fight against Hilarion and his friends.  Hilarion wins the ensuring battle and persuades Ida to give men a chance.  Ida admits she was wrong and declares her love for Hilarion. 




The Music Includes:

Search throughout the panorama
Towards the empyrean heights
Merrily ring the luncheon bell
When anger spreads his wing

Director -John S Brewster and A K Craighead
Musical Director - George W Lingard


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