Goodnight Vienna

Rose Marie was also performed in:


1932 (Scottish Amateur premier)


Book and Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein  
Music by Rudolf Friml and Herbert Stothart   

The Story

Lady Jane owns a hotel in Saskatchewan, Canada. To the hotel comes Jim Kenyon, a hard-drinking, hard-living man whose wild ways have been tamed somewhat by the influence of Rose Marie, a young French Canadian. She is at the hotel also. Her brother, Emile, wishes to remove her from what he sees as Jim's unwelcome influence. Jim, meanwhile, is trying to settle a land claim with Black Eagle but when Black Eagle is found knifed to death in his lonely cabin, Jim becomes the prime suspect.  

Jim, and his friend Herman, go to their mountain lodge where he can keep in touch with his sweetheart by using the Indian love call. Emile, however, tries to use blackmail to get his sister to marry a rich man - the price, keeping Jim's escape route secret. Gradually Rose Marie tells Emile she is beginning to believe that Jim did indeed commit murder. She tells her brother she will go to Quebec to marry a rich suitor but secretly she plans to follow Jim, wherever he goes.  

When Sergeant Malone arrives with a warrant for Jim's arrest for murder, Rose Marie uses the Indian love call to warn Jim that he should escape alone.  

Lady Jane moves to Quebec where she opens a fancy-goods shop and marries Herman. Jim turns up just before Rose Marie is about to marry Hawley, her rich suitor.  He is accompanied by Wanda, the real murderer. Wanda threatens Hawley, who had witnessed the actual killing. Sergeant Malone is also nearby ready to arrest Jim.  As Rose Marie moves down the aisle to the altar, Wanda confesses everything, including her love for Hawley. Herman, Malone and Lady Jane rush to Jim's lodgings and Rose Marie and Jim are united through the Indian love call  

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Director -A K Craighead
Musical Director -Frank Moyes


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