San Toy




Book by Edward Morton, Lyrics by Harry Greenbank and Adrian Ross, Music by Sidney Jones; Additional music by Lionel Monckton


San Toy is set in the town of Pyka Pong in China and follows the story of San Toy who is a noble’s daughter being raised as a boy to prevent conscription into the Emperor's female guards. However Fo Hop discovers the secret and agrees to stay silent if San Toy will marry him. They agree on the condition that he must tell no-one that San Toy is really a female (which also means the wedding can never happen). San Toy is in love with Captain Bobby Preston the Consul's son but know their fathers would never permit them to marry. Bobby is forced to leave to go to Perking on his father's business. Fo Hop discovers the romance and tells San Toy that he will make her the perfect Chinese wife. The Emperor announces that all sons, as well as daughters must join a new regiment in Peking so San Toy admits her sex and goes to Perking where she can see Bobby. San Toy's father isn't happy about this and goes to petition the Emperor to return his daughter.  The Emperor takes a liking to San Toy and agrees to let her go.  Poppy Preston the Consul’s daughter explains Western marriage customs and San Toy is allowed to marry Bobby.



The Music Includes:

Six Little Wives
 Love Has Come From Lotus Land
We Have Come Here Now
The Emperor's Own

Director -A K Craighead
Musical Director -J. M. Cooper


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