1962 (Scottish Amateur Premier) 


Music by Victor Herbert; Lyrics by Robert B. Smith; Book by Harry B. Smith & Fred de Gresac. Revised version adapted by Ronald Hanmer, new book and lyrics by Phil Park   

The Story
The story of the operetta is founded on the adventures of Princess Jeanne, daughter of King René of Naples, who reigned in the 15th Century. Time has been changed to the present (1913), and the locale to the ancient city of Bruges, to which the little Princess has been carried to safety in time of war. There she has been given the name of Sylvia. As an infant she is found in the tulip garden one morning by Dame Paula, who runs the Laundry of the White Geese and who is known as "Mother Goose". Sylvia is brought up as the daughter of Paula, although she later has six daughters of her own ...  
Mikel Mikeloviz, disguised as a monk, left Sylvia when an infant in Dame Paula's care. Knowing that Sylvia is the Crown Princess of the little kingdom of Zilinia, Mikel is conspiring to restore her to the throne, which is about to be offered to Franz, the heir presumptive, who, in travelling incognito, has fallen in love with Sylvia and who finds a rival in Lieutenant Karl, a military lothario, betrothed to Sylvia. Mikel's plans are endangered by the schemes of three villains. Furthermore, Liane, a milliner has sought temporary employment in the Laundry of the White Geese, and is mistaken by Mikel for the lost princess.  


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Songs Include:

For Every Lover  
Iron, Iron, Iron  
Mother Goose  
On Parade  


Director - Edward Horton
Musical Director -Robert C Howells
  Ballet Mistress - Doris Bruce


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