The Belle   of New York

The Belle of New york was also performed in 1984




Book and lyrics by Hugh Morton: Music by Gustave Kerker  


The Story

Violet Gray is a Salvation Army girl who becomes an heir to a fortune belonging to Ichabod Bronson. She has been chosen as the recipient of this windfall because Ichabod, although not averse to dallying with the odd chorus girl himself, is a firm believer in organisations such as the Young Men's Rescue League and the Anti-Cigarette Society. He has found out that his playboy son, Harry, intends to marry actress Cora Angelique. Violet, for her part, is intent on Harry getting the 
inheritance - and her as well! Her saucy performance of the "At Ze Naughty Folies Bergère" does the trick - Ichabod cannot possibly leave his fortune to someone who behaves like that, and Harry's name goes back in the will. Harry finally sees the error of his ways and falls in love with sweet, simple Violet.  



Director -Ilona Ross
Musical Director - Robert W Cresswell

Songs Include:

La Belle Parisienne

My Little Baby

On the Beach at Narragansett

She is the Belle of New York

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