The Grand Duke

Words by W.S. Gilbert 
Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan

The Story

The Grand Duke follows follows the story of Ernest Dummkopf’s theatre group.  Ludwig and Lisa want to get married but all the Parsons are at the Palace speaking to the Grand Duke.  The group are part of a plot to blow up the Rudolph , the Grand Duke so they can get Ernest on the throne and this gives them group one more reason to him.  Julia Jellicoe is not happy about this as she is bound by contract to play the leading female in all the productions and if Ernest became the Grand Duke Julia would be made to be Grand Duchess. Ludwig accidentally betrays the conspiracy and this leads to a fight between Ludwig and Ernest.  Ludwig wins and goes to tell the Grand Duke about the company’s plans.  Rudolf ‘s wedding plans have hit a problems as his fiancée, Baroness von Krakenfeldt, reveals that he was betrothed to the Princess of Monte Carlo when he was young.  Ludwig has a plan to duel the Grand Duke and rig it so he will lose.  This means that Ludwig will become the Grand Duke.  Julia reminds him that she would become his Grand Duchess and this leaves Lisa inconsolable.  Ludwig carries on his plan regardless and assumes all the Duke’s responsibilities including the Baroness and everybody gathers to celebrate the wedding of Ludwig and the Baroness. The Prince and Princess of Monte Carlo arrive and the princess asserts a prior claim of marriage to the Duke and the company begin to plan another wedding when Ernest appears with Rudolph.  They have found out that Ludwig should never have won the duel and so should never have been the Grand Duke or married the Baroness or the Princess.  The allows all the right couples to get together and get married Rudolph and the Princess, Ernest and Julia and Ludwig and Lisa.  




Music includes:

By the mystic regulation
The good Grand Duke
At the outset I may mention
Now away to the wedding we go

Director -William N McCallum
Musical Director -George W Lingard


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