The Lisbon Story



 1950 ( Scottish Amateur Premier)


Book and Lyrics by Harold Purcell  
Music by Harry Parr Davies  

The Story

This exciting spy play of the 2nd World War was produced at the London Hippodrome one night during a blitz in 1943, when the light-hearted drama within had to compete with the human drama without. Nevertheless, its music was still being heard long after the noise of enemy aircraft was no more. PEDRO, THE FISHERMAN will indeed be heard even into the Space Age, as will most of the music, set to such excellent lyrics, by a composer whose early demise robbed the Musical Theatre of a melodist comparable to Ivor Novello.  
Good acting is called for by all the cast, for the story is full of dramatic episodes, portraying the tension of the peoples in occupied France, of espionage and counter espionage, of cowardice and heroism, of Nazi intrigues and the forced gaieties of Paris. It is never melodramatic, always thoroughly believable and leavened throughout with a fine balance of comedy situations.  



Director -Fraser Neal
Musical Director - Robert W Cresswell



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