The Nautch Girl



written by George Dance.
lyrics by George Dance and Frank Desprez.
music by Edward Solomon

The Story

A Nautch girl follows the story of Punka, the rajah of Chutneypore and the many problems he had in his life.  His son Indru is in love with nautch dancer Hollee Beebee, his relatives are sponging off him and the national idol, Bumbo, has lost a diamond eye.  Indru and Beebee can’t marry because of them being different castes so Indru renounces his caste to become Beebee’s equal.  At the same time Beebee manages to become a higher caste.  The law condemns them anyway and Beebee escapes to Europe with her dance troupe and Indru is imprisoned under threat of execution.  The scheming vizier Pyjama makes it known that Indru is condemned as the father of a condemned man can’t be rajah. Bumbo the two thousand year old idol becomes alive and makes Pyjama rajah.  Pyjama then sentences Punka and all his family to death by crocodile.  Beebeee returns from Europe and with her dance troupe manages to delay Pyjama from getting to the executions and this annoys Bumbo.  Punka announces that it was Pyjama who stole the eye and Pyjama is dragged away to face his fate.  Bumbo notices a twinkling diamond on Beebee’s necklace that was left at the stage door by an admirer – it is Bumbo’s lost eye.  Punka and Indru are restored to their previous castes which leaves Indru and Beebee to marry.  The idol climbs back onto his shelf lifeless.  



The Music Includes:

Beneath the Sky of Blue
With Merry Song
Beebee's a Bride
When a Fashionable Tenor

Director -John S Brewster
Musical Director -R de la Haye


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