Tom Jones




 Music by Edward German;  
Lyrics by Chas. H. Taylor.  
Libretto by Alex. M. Thompson and Robert Courtneidge, based on the novel by Henry Fielding 

The Story

While Tom Jones, an orphan of unknown birth, is convalescing at the home of Squire Western, he falls in love with Sophia. The Squire, however, insists that his daughter must marry the odious Blifil, the rich nephew of Mr Allworthy, in whose family Tom has been brought up. Sophia detests Blifil and is in tears. When Blifil discovers Tom comforting her, he insults Tom, who knocks him down. Tom and Sophia run away, separately. Sophia and her maid, Honor, are pursued by Squire Western and Bliffil By chance, they all put up at the same inn at which Tom Jones is spending the night, unaware they are under the same roof. Sophia's wordly friend, Lady Bellaston, is also staying at the inn; after being attacked by a highwayman she has been rescued by Tom. She is greatly attracted to Tom and lets the inn servants 
  think that he is her husband. When the village barber, Benjamin Partidge, is called to the inn to alleviate Squire Western's gout, he hears the name 'Tom Jones'. Apparently, he knows the true story of Tom's birth. Before he can reveal all, however, Western bursts in upon Tom and Lady Bellaston. Sophia jumping to the conclusion that Tom is fickle, wants nothing more to do with him and leaves for London. Tom accepts Lady Bellaston's offer of a lift to London in her coach. The Squire also rushes off to London to consent to the marriage between Sophia and Tom; by now, he has heard that Tom is not a penniless orphan but Blifil's elder brother. 

Sophia has great social success in London under Lady Bellaston's patronage. One day, Tom catches sight of her and summons up courage to explain everything to Sophia's satisfaction and the young lovers are reunited.  


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The Music Includes:

On A January Morning
West Country Lad
Here's A Paradox For Lovers
A Soldier's Scarlet Coat
If Love's Content

Director -John S Brewster and Louis Rausch
Musical Director - George W Lingard


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